Avoiding Open Source Vulnerabilities for Applications and Containers

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The world has changed in the last year; by choice or by force, more and more people are now online. With this large-scale transition to the digital world, cybersecurity has become critical when developing applications.

Zoom learned the hard way that when more people come to your platform, issues come with them, too. Because a significant percentage of commercial softwares rely on open source codes and many contributors write these components, lapses in security are to be expected. The code may unintentionally have bugs and errors, or malicious contributors may have inserted vulnerabilities.

Either way, it’s vital to be able…


The other day one of the post of my other site was posted on reddit, and one of the readers commented that my site was unusable with No Script. Well the whole problem was that I’ve got the wrong configuration of PageSpeed Module, and the site entered in an infinite loop.

Anyway, that event made me think that my site’s menu just do not work if one deactivates the JavaScript support on the browser.

That site is based on Foundation, therefore it depends heavily on JavaScript, and on JQuery library.

Be a good digital citizen

Because most trackers use JavaScript to track you, a lot…

Today on Hacker News this post made its way to the top of first page.

The author complains about how in the early days of the internet, we had more people writing and reading blogs, but now, because of Google, Facebook, Twitter and more recently, Instagram, Tik-Tok and others we have less people blogging, and it is harder to find those blogs of people who still blogs.

I really think that there are more blogs than before, as there is more people on the Internet now than before, of course there is more people posting on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube…

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